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Book a FREE 15min Discovery Call with the wellness practitioner of your choice on SoulAdvisor.
No pressure. Just answers.
It Costs Nothing To Explore
Search natural and complementary therapies  clinically linked to improving or treating your health condition or concern. Next, book a call with a therapist or practitioner to learn more.

15 minute session with a qualified health and wellness practitioner dedicated to understand your personal symptoms, health conditions or wellness goals.
All virtual in the comfort of your own home.
Book your call online in a few minutes.
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Free Service
Once you've found a therapy you'd like to explore, book a call with your chosen qualified practitioner for more info.
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Why use SoulAdvisor to book a Discovery Call or treatment?

We're so glad you asked, because we're proud to share that we’ve hand selected every practitioner on our platform. In fact our unique Practitioner Qualification Process ensures the highest industry standards of professionalism and care.

We only want to connect you with the best, and we are so confident in the expertise, professionalism and quality of our practitioners, we’re willing to monetarily compensate our practitioners if you don’t proceed with a booking - this takes the pressure off both of you (to “sell” or to book), enabling a genuine opportunity to simply explore a good fit for your health needs
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Begin Your Wellness Journey:
Our Quickstart Guide

Learn how SoulAdvisor works in 4 simple steps.

Identify Your Health Issue / Symptom
Identify the health niggle, condition or symptom you'd like to resolve or alleviate to begin your search. For example, anxiety, skin issues, gut health, sleep problems, weight loss, etc. 
Search by Symptom
Search SoulAdvisor to discover complementary therapies that have been found (through clinical studies and trials) to assist with your specific symptom or condition. We list over 100 science-backed complementary therapies which we are always adding too.  Please always speak with your doctor or healthcare provider before embarking on any new treatments.
Browse Profiles Of Local & Global Complementary Health Practitioners
You can find a qualified practitioner for a specific therapy in your location, or branch out to practitioners and therapists across the world for an online treatment, where relevant. Once you have narrowed your selection, it's time to book a Discovery Call!
Book A Discovery Call
Under the "Book an appointment" section on each practitioner profile page, you will see a service listing for "Discovery call session". To book a call simply click the "Book" button and follow the prompts to schedule in a time for your call, including any information that will assist the practitioner to understand your health condition or requirements.
Next Steps Are Up To You
If you would like to proceed with a treatment or offering after your Discovery Call, you can go to the practitioner's profile page to make a secure booking in under a minute. If not, no problem. You're now empowered with some more info on your health to take next steps if and when the time feels right. 
Discovery Call FAQs
What Is A Discovery Call?
A Discovery Call is a unique feature on SoulAdvisor that enables you to book a 15min call with a listed qualified practitioner to see if they are the right fit for you before you commit to a booking. In your Discovery Call you will have the opportunity to ask questions and get more information about different treatments and therapies that may support you.
How Many Discovery Calls Can I Use?
You can claim one FREE Discovery Call per practitioner. Any further Discovery Calls with the same practitioner will incur a charge of $20.
How Should I Use A Discovery Call?
A Discovery Call is the last step in your selection process. To respect the practitioner's time we ask that you only book a Discovery Call with a practitioner whose services you are interested in engaging (however there is no obligation to book after a Discovery Call). It should be used to help you book with confidence.
By the way, It’s not as expensive as you think…
We get it, committing to treatments and therapies feels like a big time and financial investment. But, it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes just one or a few treatments in a particular modality is enough to make huge improvements in how you think and feel.

You’ll never know the potential life changing benefits until you give it a red hot go.

In a few week’s time, you could be the friend that’s raving about how acupuncture completely healed their chronic back pain, how a hypnotherapy session resolved your emotional eating behaviour, or how a counselling session finally gave you the confidence to leave an abusive relationship.

You can't heal what you ignore. Get started.
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